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SEPTEMBER 11 2004 from 12:00 to 13:00

Jean-Pierre Fournier: Eh well the French-speaking Hour is happy to make you discover French-speaking people who make enthralling things with Victoria. And within the framework of Beautiful Thursday of the last Beautiful Thursday in Victoria, I met a nice Mister who is called Serge Bourassa-Lacombe a large traveller of the world which it is walked a little everywhere, but behind of that there is a cause. Eh well Serge Bourassa-Lacombe welcome at the French Hour.

Jacques Cartier II : But, thank you very much Jean-Pierre.

Jean-Pierre Fournier: Eh well, for people, the French-speaking people of Victoria, Subway, Nanaimo, Duncan and one goes until Comox thanks to Internet. Even people in the world can listen to us. Can You, can you, speak to us a little, to speak a little of you, which corner of country you Come? A short biography of your person hold of them two or three minutes. It is something all to tell its life into two or three minutes.

Jacques Cartier II : Certainly Jean-Pierre, me, I can say to you that I was born in Verdun on June 20, 1957 with 9h12. I am a French Canadian pure wool and then I grew up in Montreal, in Quebec and I was a commercial traveller in the field of the car to earn my living. I earned very well my living, I had in '90 : a Chevrolet Caprice, an account of expenditure, forty hundred dollars (40 000 $) of annual wages. I liked my work, a work which I lost. And then in '95, I discovered why I had lost my work in '90. It is that there was a man who had the same I. D. as mine but he was carried a criminal records, that is to say, the same first name Serge and the same surname Lacombe, the same date of birth June 20, 1957, the same height, the same weight and this man was required for rapes in series then its criminal record caused to me a very heavy damage by what in '90, I lost my work, a house which I was able to pay and then a woman whom I had loved very much for three years and there I was to start over again a life.

Jean-Pierre Fournier: Really, it is, it is not very pleasant  to hear what you say there. There are several cases in Canada it is not to you only, which, in other words there is somebody who did not do his work correctly in the checking of the things and the identity.

Jacques Cartier II : In fact what arrived to me, that also arrived to a journalist of the «Journal de Montréal», Marco Fortier which in 2001 was private of a voyage to New York for another man had the same identity as him, the same date of birth and all, and which had also a criminal record. Marco Fortier was a journalist who was known by the politicians for he is he a political journalist. And me, I was not private of a plane, it is that on February 11, 1995 I was lead to the University Hospital complex of Sherbrooke, where I was treated for psychoses which I never had, that I do not have and that I will not have either. And then, I was fifty seven (57) days at the hospital. I was tortured with products very strong for the brain, they managed quantities of them on me. They gave me LITHIUM, HALDOL, RIVOTRIL, DALMANE, COGENTIN, ATIVAN. All these drugs there do not go together and it was sufficient to kill a horse. And on March 13 '95, my heart it is started to make 3 to 4 beats at the minute because of this accumulation of drugs. I really was afraid to die.

Today, I can say to you that I was not tortured to death but I was tortured almost until death.

Jean-Pierre Fournier: Eh well, leaving our system of health. It is nevertheless rather terrible what you tells us there. One is supposed to be a modern society. Eh, but did you you collect in prison for that? Did you make some time in jail because which one taken to you for another, that it is a life enough mest up. Thank you eh!

Jacques Cartier II : Let us say that as I was released from the hospital, I lived there at this time, I were without wages, social assistance and my feet used prematurely. And on July 18, 1995, I was to ask of the medical aid in five private clinics, a CLSC for finally coming to the hospital from Verdun to which I was surrounded by eight (8) police officers armed by what the Dr. Laurent Boisvert at the emergency refused to treat me the feet. Me who had my both feet in pain, preferring the head whereas I had badly with the feet. Eh there, I was, I was laid down & attached in a bed and on proportioned of one, of two mega amounts of antibiotic to destroy my intestinal flora and that I survived this trial there too. However thereafter what I had in my mind at this time it was to take my bicycle and to roll as far as FLORIDA. And in FLORIDA in '95 I arrived on November 22 and I rolled my bicycle for eight (8) month, five miles 5 000 miles of bicycle to FLORIDA, without any bank account, no income and without social assistance and GOD provided for my needs throughout my voyage. I even had the occasion to meet a dog without shelters and given up by his Masters, we had bicycled two (2) months and half together, one it is found in ATLANTA at the time of the Olympic Games and that had been published by TV5 and DAVID LETTERMAN this entertainer of New York. And I passed to the history at this time there, I made the turn of the world by the magic of television.

And there I am spirit to make the turn of VICTORIA with the Community radio, I thank you very much JEAN-PIERRE by what my ground is legitimate and then it is hold in my heart. And I have worked there much for nine (9) years and in June, June 21, I deposited a complaint to the College of the Doctors of Quebec against 15 doctors psychiatrists, 8 doctors, 3 hospital complexes, an ambulance man and a ambulance woman. These people there asked me to go in appeal, that made that I went in appeal and while I was spirit to make these steps I was kidnapped two (2) times at QUEBEC in July. Once by DR. WILLIAM SEMAAN of SHERBROOKE attached to the «CHUS - HÔTE-DIEU» on July 8 and once by DR. MARIO ROY attached to the DOUGLAS HOSPITAL on July 14 whereas they were not necessary. I was held at the DOUGLAS HOSPITAL during seven (7) days and then I still underwent tortures, me was managed drugs which brought me in anxiety and suicidal thoughts and/or homicidal and that went against my will by what I have BURNING FIRE NOT TO COMMIT SUICIDE AND NOT TO KILL by what it is the FIRE of the HOLY SPIRIT which LIVES in MY HEART by WHAT I BELIEVE IN GOD THE FATHER OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST THAT WHICH CAME ON the GROUND TO DIE ON the CROSS SO THAT ONE IS RELEASED FROM the SIN AND I HAD MUCH OF COMPASSION FOR THESE I FORGIVE THEM AND I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT WHAT IT MADE Me THEN I WILL GO UNTIL the END SO THAT THESE PEOPLE THERE CAN BE BROUGHT To the REPENTANCE by WHAT It IS ONLY the WAY FOR THEM OF OBTAINING the HOPE Of aN ETERNAL LIFE .

Jean-Pierre Fournier: Yes but, it is nevertheless a whole mission which to fight against doctors who do two hundred miles (200 00) $ and +. And you, does not have you wages at present. There has to decide to you to leave your foundation, can you speak to us, it a little about it is the origin of all that and then suited you already per hour current, made you and swindled you with your bicycle and then your puppi no matter what the human ones have more unfortunately one sees what occurs in the world with different the context geol. political like AFRICA and in IRAQ it is rather extremely there, we are in CANADA. Removals there it is not by people of the ALKAIDA it is by world in a society known as democratic and civilized.

Jacques Cartier II : Yes, and then what arrives, it is that, me what I find, which I find it is which here what one makes live it is worse than what occurs to IRAQ by than it is done in hiding-place. One hides these businesses there, the doctors they do not praise that when they use the police force by abuse of power. They do not praise that! When that a doctor will manage a sedative with his patient to rape her in his cabinet he does not write that in his medical report of the patient. And all that they made to me, one hid that to me in medical reports that today I have the capacity to say to you that you can come to see them on my Internet site.

Maintaining as regards the FOUNDATION SERGE BOURASSA-LACOMBE, it is not me which created this foundation there. It is GOD him even which created that on February 12, 1995 for us. First of all was to denounce the «MEDICAL MAFFIA» and TO OVERCOME their [ t h e i r ] MENTAL ILLNESSES in order to BUILD a BETTER COUNTRY! And after nine (9) years of investigation, and the complaints were duly written and deposited by me.  And well since July 14, 2004, I became the one & only doctor specialist to cure the health, to cure the system of health which we have. The Prime Minister of Canada, PAUL EDWARD PHILIPPE MARTIN is with the current of my projects, the Prime Minister for QUEBEC JEAN CHAREST is well-informed too. These people there one access to my Internet site, it is free, it is public. The address bears my name it is, I invested more than ten thousands (10 000) hours of works on my Internet site to be understood in the society. It is written in French, it is written in English, there are some pages which are written in Spanish.

Jean-Pierre Fournier: Good, me I will put a question, I know that you will answer me. With this good statement another cranky. What is that you answer that?

Jacques Cartier II : Yes, one says that sometimes to me, perhaps one finds me cranky or perhaps illuminated. But for me my FAITH was in CHRIST when all that had happened to me. It is through the test that one grows and my FAITH is increased with the CENTUPLE and I carry out something JEAN-PIERRE, it is that since '95 GOD uses me like a tool for CURE. I is not that which cures, it is that GOD passes by me to bring the PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL CURE on people whom IT puts on my road. And to touch its people there, to take along these people there, by what GOD, IT likes us all, IT wants all our SAFETY. IT uses people like me, I am not  the only one, there is of other. But me, I is delighted to see that in spite of, you know PERSECUTION, then the THREATS and TORTURES, GOD successful nevertheless to use me for the good of others.

Jean-Pierre Fournier: That it is right eh! As that you do not make evil with anybody, but unfortunately in the adversity of our life. There is which one them spirit "S" twisted and the way of interpreting the things where just on, one is supposed to improve one is supposed to have more educated people, but I think that one does not skid badly extremely in certain case. In any case, I am perhaps beside the track. One can be illuminated together.

Jacques Cartier II : But let us say JEAN-PIERRE that too are not to you at the side of the track. Listen, listening  that made nine (9) years that I knock about the world, that made nine (9) years that I write the same things, my idea does not change. You see the diagnosis which found me in '95 following the crossing of identity between two people. They found me bipolar, maniac-depressive, it is easy to say that. Me, I am not bipolar I am polar since my childhood, and that it is following the age of my six (6) years, it is not everyone which knows that. I fell in a open well at the maple place of my grandfather, the father of my mother I had been push by one of my first cousins who had four (4) years and half, he had push me in that well my head first. I was in a that well, in a icy water. I succeeded in turning over and I have pray to GOD, I said : «LORD GOD LEAVES ME From here I DO NOT WANT TO DIE Today, I HAD ONLY SIX (6) YEARS». And then there, I am a «MARICULATED OF WATER»

And it is as from this moment there that I became POLAR, MANIAC. But I am not maniac-depressive, I am a maniac, polar in top of the curve. And there, it also found me like paranoiac diagnosis, I am not a paranoiac by what I am able to travel everywhere without fear. They had found me also schizophrenic, I am not schizophrenic by what I live and I life in your world with you others, I writes in your world with you others. My thoughts are real. They had found me also as narcissistic, thing as I am not. And then reached me was also found is religious mystical delirious whereas my life is based on the HOLY SCRIPTURES. Also they found me as a potential dangerosity of becoming a serial killer in series by what the criminal past of the man whom one sought it is a rapist in series. Then a rapist in series can possibly become a serial killer. However that it all, that is written in a medical report that they hid from me for thirty four (34) months. The police officers as that they carried out their error of crossing of identity, they destroyed the police report. Fortunately that in the medical file he is written : «PATIENT ACCOMPANIED BY TWO (2) POLICE OFFICERS» But, see you to them obviousness I have them, the complaints have can read them on my Internet site. I write since 1995, several letters, in '95, '96 and so on, until 2003, 2004 and in 2005 I will still write. Now, September 11, 2004, I must be with GROUND ZERO in New York.

Jean-Pierre Fournier: WHY?

Jacques Cartier II : It is that, that will be the 9E birthday of «JACQUES CARTIER II» And that  «JACQUES CARTIER II» it is a nickname which the MONTAGNAIS of NATASHQUAN gave me on September 11, 1995 by what I had made of great discovery in my country. Then that will be from in the framework of the 9E birthday of «JACQUES CARTIER II» I should be with GROUND ZERO to request and to rent the LORD and I would also like dedicated, much of Spanish and English, French bible. I would like distributed starting from GROUND ZERO by what the HOLY SCRIPTURES bring us in what currently occurs in the world. And that it is all the things which were announced in advance and that my life is based on the word of God who is true and eternal.

Jean-Pierre Fournier: And well, if people are interested to know some more, it is a whole adventure. That occurs to CANADA believe it or not. The septic ones will be confused as said it when one was young the Captain Bonhomme.

Jacques Cartier II : Well yes! And my father when I was young it said me the police force, not the police force but GOD is stronger than the police force. And that, that helps me to carry on my road by what when I return in a police station I do not have fear, by what I return with GOD in my heart and HIS HOLY SON  JESUS.

Jean-Pierre Fournier: OK! You can given your Internet site, the details if people of Internet if people want will see that. And then here!

Jacques Cartier II : It is and if you made a research with tool GOOGLE that everyone know on the Internet. You made a research on «DIPLÔME DU CIEL» and you will be able to see the DIPLOMA which I received from the sky on July 14 2004 which only makes ego and single doctor TO CURE HEALTH i.e. the «SYSTEM OF HEALTH» Bus «JACQUES CARTIER II» it is ONLY & the SINGLE INSANE one of the KING of the kings & LORD of the lords. And insane which knows that it is insane is much less insane than that which does not know than it is insane.

Jean-Pierre Fournier: And well thanks for having to take part in «the HOUR FREE» and one will introduce a musical part which is a conscientisator and one will turn over to remember it with a song chosen by our «TOUJOURS VIVANT» guest here GERRY BOULET

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