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Whole address : 103 rue Oxford Crescent # 105, Lennoxville (Quebec) J1M 2G3

The object of the complaint : Inadequate treatment, medical file # 398068 for the period between February 11 th 1995 16:00 to April 12 th 1995 +/- 11:30. Following of the week, February 5 th 1995, several persons having lied on the subject of the user, led to an illegal arrest because we search since 1979, a man having the same identity than mine who had in 1979 directed violence and sex toward several woman in the region of Montreal. The existence of this man had been confirmed by the Surety do Quebec, Trois-Pistoles, the October 11 th 1995. From which is the request of the changing name the October 12 th 1995, entraining an exile to United-States for 388 days. I possess my knowledge in Animal Health, for to telling you that the diagnosis had been voluntarily false because it having a difference between hypoglycaemia and bipolarity sickness. 

The statement of the facts : The medical team in the file # 398 068 had partially altered this medical file ; for forgery and the use of forgeries, criminal harassment, assault, chemical torture (Lithium, Haldol, Dolmane, Rivotril, Ativan) cocktail, provoke intoxication the March 13 th 1995, from which attempt to murder.

Some teachers attached to the Sherbrooke College having projected me as "Marc Lepine II" to prevented me of 2 training period in Florida as technician in Animal Health of Quebec. Me, who never had this kind of thought, that had caused without no doubt an emotional shock in me from which hypoglycaemia state solely verifiable by a blood test, blood test taken after February1995. The medical team had dosed me up per force because I didn't want to sleep on Sunday February 12 th around 22:30, results 14 hours of sleepiness.

The Monday February 13 th transfer to 4B under the side effects of the drugs, questioning by the medical team ; Which date are we today ? Do you believe in God ? Did you had receive some powers ?

Liberated in the 4B, me who accept to be there without medication for making advance the medicine. Results, 2 policeman from Sherbrooke, led to submission from my part intra-muscular drugs forced, sleepiness 18 hours, wakening without recognized side effects until this day. Attempt to destroy my Christian beliefs, outcome of an reinforce power to hundredfold

The expecting results of the complaint (if there is a cause) : Some public excuses as a fixed sum versed "In Trust" Serge Bourassa-Lacombe's Fondation, destruction of the medical file after having giving me a conform copy.

The goal of this foundation is to prevent physical and/or mental torture in to medical area very well than the equivalent of International Amnesty.

Date: March 27 th 1997 Time : 13:52

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