Sherbrooke, Quebec,

October 2nd, 1997

To whom it may concern

Today, I would like to talk of my friend and brother in Christ, Serge Bourassa-Lacombe.

I first met Serge the 28th of May of this year and was touched by his person the very first moment he talked with me at the "Cafe Jazz'rie on King west street in Sherbrooke. We talked about his situation and his foundation. We also talked about our faith in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, that night, while we drank our coffee. I knew right away that he was a very good and godly person. I also knew that we were to see each other again, because a supernatural force was driving us together, through our faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. The foundation and the injustices he suffered in of his life, were a subject dear to my heart, for I believe he is justified to claim that justice be rendered to him.

I gave him my telephone number and home address so we could keep in contact with each other on that very fortunate first meeting with him at the "Cafe Jazz'rie". We made friends right away and I help him the best way 1 can by offering him meals and a roof over his head when he needed.

One day in July, I told him that I was going to Quebec city for my birthday August 8 th. He asked me when I would arrive in Quebec City and I told him that I wanted to be there on the night of the 7 th because the next day was my birthday. He had just told me that he would soon be leaving for Rimouski and the south shore of the St-Lawrence river and 1 said that it would be so nice if he could be in Quebec city with me on my birthday. He said that he would arrange to be there if it was whish. I was so happy to hear that, because since I met Serge, I always had a good time with him when we were together or on the phone talking about our faith in our God, in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and our total commitment to the Holy Spirit in our daily lives. Every time we are together, I am touched by Serge's great faith in our God and of the way he lets the Holy Spirit guide him 24 hours a day. From the very first moment I met this good and godly man, I knew we were going to be in constant communion, may we be together or apart. I am always at peace when in his presence.

On the 7 th of August 1997 when we met in the Quebec bus terminus I felt, for the very first time in my life, very protected and unconditionally loved by this good man of faith. On this weekend in Quebec city, I learned who Serge really was and saw him work first hand, for we were together 24 hours a day from 9h00 (21h) on the 7 th of August through the 11 th of August at the time when I took leave of him at the bus terminus to come back home here in Sherbrooke. I saw that he was a man of great faith and love for his fellow men and women and also how the gentleness in him greatly touched everyone he talked with.

My bus was leaving at 5hOO (17h) and my heart, at that moment, was sad because I did not want to leave Serge. During this very, very beautiful weekend, the faith and work of this man touched me so much that I knew, as I left the bus terminus and was saying goodbye to Serge, that I was a changed and fortified person in Jesus our Lord. I also knew that from that moment on I would do everything in my power, with the help of God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, to help this God forsaken man in all that he would do from that day on.

In my 12 years as a newborn Christian I have never, as of this day, met a man with such a great faith in our Lord and Saviour. believe that Serge talks and works with the Lord 24 hours a day for I am certain that the Holy Spirit talks to him even when he is sleeping. His faith in God and his encouragement for my life in Christ strengthens my faith and Serge and I are in constant communion while we pray together, eat together and work together every day of the week, 7 days a week, since the night we agreed to meet on August 7 th in Quebec city. The Lord thought me, through my friend Serge, to have faith in His taking care of my every needs. This man of total faith is the very best example God had given me to live by in my 12 years of Christian life in the Evangelical churches. I, up to this day, had never met a man who really lived for God and did everything, in his power, in accord of his Holy Scriptures and God's Commandments, as my new friend Serge does. There is never a moment when the Holy Spirit does not guide him in what he says or does, for he is in constant touch with HIM, 24 hours a day. Serge is the very first person I met who puts his total faith and confidence in Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, our Heavenly Father God and lets the Holy Spirit totally guide him. My prayer for him is that the Lord renders His justice in the happenings in Serge's life and that he may very soon be blessed with a or some partner(s) who will finance this Godly foundation Jesus asked, through the Holy Spirit, Serge to create. This foundation will greatly help people all over the world in their struggles and conflicts with the Machiavellian doctors in the psychiatric wards of the hospitals and with the abuse of medication given to the people, in or out of the hospitals, to patients who, most often than not, do not need these legal drugs to control their humour and /or their faith in our Heavenly God and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Serge is my best friend and my brother in Christ and I will always work in the same way as him for I believe in his cause and I am with him, in every way I care, regarding his legal requests. He has my total support and it is by faith, and faith only, that God will render his blessings because Serge loves, obeys and lives by the commandments of our Heavenly Father and Creator, the only God, through Jesus Christ and by the leading of His Holy Spirit.

Serge will soon be leaving for the United States and I will miss his presence very much but I know he is going to be in the hands of our Lord and as soon his work in Florida is finished he will know, by the Holy Spirit, that the time has come to return home in Sherbrooke, Quebec. The LORD is with him 24 hours a day, and his road is HIS WAY, through JESUS CHRIST. AMEN!!

Liliane Boucher
1045, Lacombe # 206
Sherbrooke (Quebec)
J1E 3E3
Tel. : (819) 569-1784